Using Kik User Names To Find Friends

                Kik Messenger is basically just like any other messenger out there, you can use it to talk to your friends and family or to take it as an opportunity to meet someone new. In Kik Messenger, you can instantly add new accounts and talk to someone new if you search for their KiK user name; no account, actual name or mobile phone number required. Now that is a great feature as well as somewhat a disadvantage. Of course you can’t just randomly guess a username, which would seriously be a tedious way of making friends. So that’s the reason why some websites host Kik user names. is a website that features Kik Usernames from guys and girls all around the world. Each featured account would display the owner’s image, location, gender and a short description that they wrote about themselves. If you log in the website using your Kik account then you can instantly message or add a certain person that you found interesting. It’s a great way to find friends, but in reality people use Kik to find others that are willing to be more than just friends.

The website is quite aware about the users’ agenda, that’s why they added another feature to their website. The users who are logged in can play a simple game of hot or not. It basically goes like this, a logged in user will be showed a Kik profile which mainly consists of that user’s image. It’s up to the user to click hot or not, we don’t need to tell you what that means. The top or ‘hottest’ users are featured in their very own page. So if you want to chat with the hottest according to the crown then all you have to do is visit the website.

Some Neat Tricks About Kik-The Instant Messaging & Chat App

The world is witnessing quite a change due to the next-gen evolvement in the IT sector. Such has been a change that the old ways of texting are almost on the verge of extinct. We can now lay hands on many great options for instant messaging and chats in the ilk of messengers and more. Kik, one such epitome of modern messaging and chat trend, is what we’d be dealing with for today. We here would provide you all the ins and the outs of it along with Kik login tips and tricks.But before that, can we deal with a small question regarding Kik? Shall we? 

Is Kik worth the fuss?

An app that offers much more that instant messaging and chats, Kik is definitely worth the fuss. You can add personal chats or group chats as your liking. You can trend videos, pics, gifs and plenty more with other users. You can also look for other users via their username and add to your chats. Guess that says it all. 

Some neat Kik login tips and tricks

We’ll shed more light into some neat tricks down below.

  1. Read message without showing the ‘R’ sign
  • Kik has an annoying habit of sending receipts to people to showcase you’ve read their message. You can choose to avoid the ‘R’ sing when reading a message with the Kik app and only portray the ‘D’ sign.
  1. Send Kik logos in Messages to your Colleague
  • There’s a cool trick that allows you to send the Kik logo with your message. Kik allows theuser to enable emoji of the logo along with the message. You can initiate it and send Kik logos too via the method with just a few easy steps.
  1. Trick people to see you as typing
  • A neat trick to have up your sleeve, you can trick your friends into seeing your status as typing in during chats and messaging. It’s pretty simple to activate and can make the readers on the other side of the chat confused. Do try it out.

That’s us for a short stint into the Kik login tips and tricks for today. We’ll be back with more the next time. Do join in for the next piece.